Master the mainframe 2019 part 1 challenge 1 solution
What is Master the Mainframe Contest? Master the Mainframe is an annual contest organized by IBM. In 2019 the contest
SDSF - Master the Mainframe 2019 solution
In my previous post we solved Challenge 1 which introduced us to TSO/ISPF. In Challenge 2 we will learn about
Part 2 Challenge 1 solution - Getting started Master the Mainframe 2019 IBM MTM 2019
In my previous post, I gave you the solution for Part 1 of MTM 2019. In this post, I will
master the mainframe
I have created a full course on Master the Mainframe 2019. You can find the full course on my Youtube
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ibm z day
On November 21, IBM is holding its first-ever IBM Z DAY. The event will feature 25 Industry experts working within
master the mainframe
Master the Mainframe is an annual contest organized by IBM. The contest is divided into three parts. The participants who
course image
In this short course i have taught the following two things:Using Raspberry Pi for the first time. Installing MVS operating system
Screen section
"Redirection is not supported" is a common error in GnuCOBOL and OpenCOBOLIDE. It can occur when you try to run
On my Youtube channel i recently uploaded some videos for those who want to learn COBOL programming for free. The