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The Complete JCL Course – JOB Control Language

JCL or JOB Control Language is the scripting language of the mainframes. It is used to run programs on the Mainframe computer. This JCL course will teach you everything from a beginner to an expert.

JCL is easy to learn. You can use the free MVS turnkey system to practice JCL. I have explained how to use the MVS system in my post here: The MVS Turnkey system Tutorial

I also have a course on JCL. So, you can go to the below link to buy this course: Course Link

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The Complete Job Control Language Course

What you will learn

You will learn all the major topic in JCL. Cataloged Procedures is taught in this course. You will also learn about Libraries such as STEPLIB, JOBLIB etc.

This course will also teach you important topics such as SORT. You will learn how to process datasets using SORT. SORT JOINKEYS are also covered.

You will also learn about various JCL Utilites such as IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, IEHLIST etc.

Generation Data Groups or GDG are also available in this course.

In short what you will learn is:

  • You will learn SORT in JCL
  • You will be able to code Utilities of JCL
  • 50+ JCL programs
  • Code Procedures in JCL
  • Install Mainframe Emulator on your Personal Computer
  • Submit programs to the Mainframe Computer
  • Troubleshoot JCL programs on Mainframe Computer
  • Create and edit GDGs
  • Understand JOB Processing on Mainframes
  • Create and edit different types of datasets
  • Code and understand Libraries in JCL
  • Get all the presentations used in the course so you wont have to take notes

Unique selling points of this JCL course

This is the BESTSELLER course on Udemy since its launch in 2017.

It is the most elaborate and detailed course about JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE (JCL) on the whole internet.

Over 8+ hours of video content, with presentations and code used in the course.

50+ JCL programs are available in this course.

For basic JCL introduction, you can visit my YouTube channel which has more details on the topic.

Basic introduction to JCL

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