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Master the Mainframe 2019 is now Live !!!

Master the Mainframe is an annual contest organized by IBM.

The contest is divided into three parts. The participants who complete all the three parts will get prize from IBM.

  • Who can participate?

Any school or college student can participate in this contest.

  • What will i get as a prize?

Every participant who completes all the three parts will get: An Exclusive T-shirt


  1. Top 2 participants from each geography will get a $2750 travel stipend to attend an IBM event where you can meet the top technical professionals, executives and potential employers.
  2. Top 3 global winners will receive a $1000 cash educational scholarship.
  3. 100 fastest finishers of part 2 will get a $150 e-gift card.
  4. You will also receive Industry recognized IBM badges if you complete part2 and part3.
  5. Become part of the Wall of fame.
  • How can i get Mainframe Access?

The access to the z/OS mainframe will be provided by IBM itself for FREE.

  • How do i participate?

To participate just register using the below link.

After you fill up and submit this form, you will get an email from IBM. The email will contain the Username, Password for logging into the mainframe.

  • How do i prepare for the contest?

IBM has provided numerous resources for the participants. Use the following link to prepare for the contest:

  • How much time can i take to complete this contest?

The contest will end on December 31, 2019.  So you have around 3 months to learn and finish this contest.

  • When will be the winners declared?

Winners will be declared in January 2020.

  • Do i have to pay any fee?

There is no FEE for this contest. The contest is absolutely FREE. You have nothing to lose.

  • I am not a student. Can i participate?

You can. You can register for the contest and complete all the challenges. But you will not be eligible for any prizes. You will only get IBM badges after completing part2 and part3. Go to this link: Then click on “Try for Learning System” to complete the challenge.

Hope you all take advantage of this golden opportunity.

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