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Master the Mainframe 2019 Solution – All the 30 challenges answered

The Master the Mainframe 2019 contest ended on December 31. You can find Master the Mainframe 2019 solution on my Youtube channel. All the 30 challenges have been answered.

Master the Mainframe 2019 Solution on Youtube

If you like to read posts, instead of video then you can follow my series of posts on Master the Mainframe here: Master the Mainframe challenges. These posts also give you the solution of Master the Mainframe 2019 contest.

Apart from the challenges, you will also learn about IBM badges. You will get 2 IBM badges and share it on LinkedIn. If you have a website then you can add it to your website as well. These badges will help you in getting employment as well.

Master the Mainframe is an annual contest organized by IBM. The aim of the contest is to make students familiar with Mainframes. Students can learn valuable skills and earn digital badges.

Master the Mainframe is divided into three parts:

Part 1: In this part, you will learn the basics of a Mainframe such as files, navigation, and programs.

In Part 2 you can practice programming languages, Operating systems, and technologies.

In Part 3 real-world experience related to Mainframes is provided.

You will get solution to all the challenges on my YouTube playlist.

You can visit the homepage of Master the Mainframe here.

Best of Luck !!!


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